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Helping You Understand The Law

Part of the mission of the Monroe County Bar Association is to provide information and assistance to help the public navigate the justice system.  

In this section, you will find information on how to find and choose a lawyer, preparing for meetings with lawyers, what kind of lawyer you may need, how to file a grievance or fee dispute, and more. 

Lawyer Referral Service

The MCBA Lawyer Referral Service is a not-for-profit public service designed to help members of the public find qualified attorneys.  All attorneys referred through the LRS are in good standing with the MCBA, and carry malpractice insurance. 

How To Choose A Lawyer

Learn more about choosing and meeting with an attorney, what area of law you may need, client's rights and responsibilities, and how to prepare for your first meeting with an attorney. 

Public Education

The Monroe County Bar Association hosts several programs dedicated to educating the public on ongoing legal issues, as well as public outreach programs to engage Rochester area youths. Click here to learn more.

Filing A Grievance

How to file a grievance or fee dispute resolution case. The MCBA is authorized to resolve fee disputes and investigate professional performance issues. 

Telesca Center for Justice Legacy Society 

A planned gift to the Telesca Center for Justice Legacy Society supports the critical work of the Telesca Center partners and future generations of lawyers while inspiring others to do the same.


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