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Get More From Your Membership

The Monroe County Bar Association offers a wide range of benefits and resources to its members.  From here you can quickly access all that the MCBA has to offer. 

Benefits and Services - Learn more about the benefits of MCBA membership, and start saving through your membership, including a discount on MyCase practice management software, CLE tuition discounts, a 22% discount on Verizon, Daily Record subscription discounts, and health, disability, and professional liability insurance offerings.

Practice Resources - The MCBA is committed to helping you achieve success in your practice.  In the Practice Resources section you'll find information on our job resource center, Lawyer Succession Registry, Lawyer Referral Service, Legal Links, MCBA facility use, tech tips, and much more. 

Confidential Assistance Programs (CAP) - The MCBA offers several confidential programs to help attorneys in need, including Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, SOLACE, and counseling services through Tree of Hope.

Lawyer Referral Service - Let the MCBA help you grow your practice.  MCBA members can join the Lawyer Referral Service to start receiving client referrals from the MCBA.

Court Resources - Look here for quick access to court resources, including NYS Court's Programs & Incentives, e-filing information, Secure Pass ID card information, and more. 

For more information on MCBA membership, please contact our membership and communications manager Liz Novak at or 585-402-7193.

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