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Thank you for joining the Monroe County Bar Association! Before submitting your online application, please review it thoroughly to ensure that all areas contain complete and correct information.

Date of Admission
You will be asked for your date of admission. Please indicate the date of your earliest admission to the Bar of any state.

If you would like to join or continue in a committee or section, you must select that committee or section on the form. Please note that some committees are by presidential appointment only. Should you elect one of these committees on your renewal form you will be contacted to confirm your appointment.

Please consider making a donation to the MCBA's Center for Education to help us ensure the future of the MCBA so that it can continue to support the Rochester legal community.  If you would like to become an CFE Patron, please consider an additional contribution of $250 per year. If you would like to donate more than the $250, please consider becoming a CFE Champion -- for those members who donate $500 or more to the Center for Education.

If you belong to another county bar association within the 7th Judicial District and would like to deduct your dues from dues paid to the MCBA, do not use this online renewal form. Please mail in the paper form you received and attach proof of payment of dues paid to the other bar association.

Please note: we are on a July 1 - June 30 fiscal year; we do not prorate dues.

If you have any questions regarding your membership application, please contact Susan Hearn at

Click here to download our membership application if you want to submit your application in hard copy, or click on the button below to join.

Thank you. 



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