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Directory of Attorneys and the Courts

The MCBA is not producing a printed directory in 2021. Our next printed directory will be available in February 2022. For members, you may access our online member directory here.  Please submit any changes by email to Susan Hearn at

Order Last Year's Directory Today

If you would like to order a copy of last year's directory (2020 edition), please contact Kathy Fico at

The cost of each directory is only $40 per copy (plus shipping and handling if mailed) plus 8% sales tax (on both the directories and shipping).

Checks must be made out to the Monroe County Bar Association.

Online Member Directory

MCBA members may access our online member directory (requires MCBA username and password). Our online member directory is updated on a weekly basis.

Please note, the online directory only lists MCBA members. 

If you do not see your photo in the online directory, it means we do not have an image of you.  You can submit a photo to Susan Hearn at

Updating Directory Listing

If you need to update your listing in the directory, please contact Susan Hearn at

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