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2021-22 Officers and New Trustees

Congratulations to our slate of 2021-22 officers and new members of the Board of Trustees, to be led by incoming MCBA President Bradley Kammholz. The MCBA will hold its annual meeting on May 27, conducting the official election of next year's slate of officers and new trustees. The new Bar year begins on July 1, 2021.

2020-21 Officers

President: Bradley Kammholz, Esq.
President-Elect: Langston McFadden, Esq.
Treasurer: Laura Smalley, Esq.
Secretary:  Lori O’Brien, Esq.
Immediate Past President: Jill Paperno, Esq.

New Incoming Trustees


Christin Cornetta, Esq.
Sanjeev Devabhakthuni, Esq.
Ninteretse Jean Pierre, Esq.
Katerina Kramarchyk, Esq.
Adrian Neil, Esq.
Hon. Charles Schiano Jr.
David Tennant, Esq.