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Now is the time to consider nominations for MCBA Awards.  We know there are many deserving individuals who may be overlooked, and we ask you to brainstorm as to nominees. Click here for the nomination form or visit the Awards Committee page. If you need assistance in getting a nomination package together, feel free to contact Brian Zorn (bzorn@faraci.com), Chair of the Awards Committee, who will be happy to help. Nominations must be completed and submitted by February 5, 2021 for the following awards:


  • Adolph J. Rodenbeck Award:  This award recognizes a legal professional who lives and works by the Hon. Adolph J. Rodenbeck’s exemplary example of professionalism and community service.


  • Charles F. Crimi Memorial Award:  This award acts as a memorial to Charles F. Crimi, Esq. and his fearless and unselfish dedication to the principle that the poor and disadvantaged are entitled to equal treatment under the law. It is our hope that this award will not only honor Charlie’s memory but also, be an incentive to other practicing attorneys to emulate his high ideals, dignity and absolute dedication to the fair administration of justice in our community.


  • Emerging Bar Leader Award:  This award recognizes a member of the Monroe County Bar Association that has been admitted 10 years or fewer and who has made a significant contribution to the Bar Association through participation on committees or other Bar sponsored activities and who has demonstrated the potential to be a leader in the profession.


  • Outstanding Jurist Award:  This award recognizes a local jurist who has contributed extraordinarily to the mission of the Monroe County Bar Association.


  • Raymond J. Pauley Award:  This award honors the memory of Raymond J. Pauley, an attorney who contributed greatly to the continuing legal education mission of the MCBA, by recognizing an attorney’s dedication and service to the MCBA Academy of Law.


  • Justin L. Vigdor Award for Senior Service:  This award recognizes a senior attorney who continues to contribute extraordinarily and voluntarily to the mission of the Monroe County Bar Association.