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MCBA President’s Commission on Anti-Racism
The MCBA Board of Trustees has taken this year of pause to focus on racial equity and racism, particularly as our organization is impacted and affects others. Ibram X. Kendi defines "anti-racist" as "One who is supporting an anti-racist policy through their actions or expressing an anti-racist idea." This past fall the Board of Trustees met with Calvin Eaton of 540 West Main, who led the group in two workshops and provided guidance as to how we could continue our work to make the MCBA an anti-racist organization. After writing, review, analysis and thoughtful creativity, the Board of Trustees created the “MCBA President's Commission on Anti-Racism” at the last meeting. This Commission will provide assistance and guidance to the MCBA Board of Trustees for years to come.
The document setting out the composition of the Commission, its purpose and goals, is linked here. Thank you to Brad Kammholz, who led the task force which created the guidelines, as well as Board members Langston McFadden, Meredith Lamb, Maggie Robb, Laurie O’Brien, Laura Smalley and Executive Director Kevin Ryan.
The creation of this Commission will ensure that the MCBA is having the difficult conversations, taking the hard looks, and focusing on the issues that many of us who are white often fail to see. This Commission will help guide MCBA into becoming a more equitable organization. Because the Commission will have just a few months left in this year, and the president appoints each year's Commission, Brad Kammholz and Jill Paperno will be jointly appointing for the first term, which will start with the remainder of 2020 and continue through the new bar year. You are invited to apply by contacting Jill Paperno and Brad Kammholz:
Jill Paperno
President jpaperno1@gmail.com
Brad Kammholz President-elect