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Do you want the opportunity to be viewed by hundreds of MCBA members as they plan programming, publications, and CLEs? Do you identify as being a person from a diverse background? Fill out your Diverse Speaker Profile today!

Thank you for your interest in creating a profile in the Monroe County Bar Association’s Diverse Speaker Directory. The MCBA Directory is modeled after the American Bar Association’s Diverse Speaker Directory. The Directory’s purpose is to create a comprehensive database of diverse legal experts who self-identify their race or ethnicity, gender & gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability status. Individuals are also able to provide information on location, willingness to travel, and areas of expertise/interest, in addition to a CV/bio.

In order to set up your profile, please be prepared to share the following information:

  1. A brief bio (half-page to one page) on your work, education, and legal background.
  2. Demographic information, including Gender/Gender Identity, Race/Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, and Disability Status.
    1. Note: Unless you choose to reveal your demographic information in another part of your profile (such as your bio or photo), only MCBA site administrators will have access to this sensitive and personally identifiable information.
    2. There is no requirement to share this information; it is completely optional. However, sharing it does support your opportunities to be connected to more speaking engagements/events and supports the MCBA in advancing the goal of eliminating bias & enhancing diversity and inclusion.
  3. A photo, ideally. While a photo is not required, you are more likely to have your profile viewed if you have a photo.
  4. Information about previous speaking engagements/experiences (including year, city, state, topic), and/or links to presentations if available.


Click here to fill out the Diverse Speakers and Authors Form if you are interested in being a part of the MCBA Directory.