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MCBA President's Message
Gone but not forgotten: programs that make both Rochester and the MCBA special

"Lately, I have been thinking about the unique attributes of the Rochester legal community. Many years ago, when I was interviewing at what was then Nixon Hargrave for a summer clerk position, Bob Witmer told me that Rochester was a special place to practice law — in a very good way. He also told me that this was due in no small part to the influence of the Monroe County Bar Association, the leaders of the association who insisted on collegiality among the members of the bar, and its omnipresence in the legal community. Times have changed: The influence of the MCBA is not nearly as pervasive, for many reasons. And, thankfully, the association and the profession look a lot different than when I became a lawyer."

You can read MCBA President Carolyn Nussbaum's October column in its entirety in The Daily Record here.

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