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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

12:15 PM-2:00 PM

The Rubin Center for Education
  • Legal Service Providers $40.00
  • MCBA Member $70.00
  • New Admittees $40.00
  • Non-Member $110.00
  • Student/Non-Atty/Auditing Atty $35.00
  • Technology Committee Member $60.00
  • Young Law Section Member $60.00
If you're sick of looking for the needle in a stack of paper files, this is the program for you. The fact is, you're probably closer to a paperless office than you think. Much of making the move is adopting a mindset. Acquiring the right technology, building the right processes...that's all meaningless unless you (and your staff) buy into what you're doing. In this program, you'll learn why running a paperless office is more important now than ever before. You'll understand the key hardware and software components of the paperless law office. But, perhaps most essential of all, you'll come to understand why and how these are necessary changes to make if you want to increase your efficiency and run a truly modern law firm.
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