The purpose of the Legacy Society is to provide a way for individuals committed to the Telesca Center to make a planned gift to help ensure that equal access to justice continues for future generations.

“The Telesca Center is a national model of civil legal services and a beacon of justice. The Telesca Center is creating efficiencies, synergies and a myriad of opportunities for collaboration and innovation.”

The Legacy is made up of several organizations within the Telesca Center who provide legal help to low-income clients. This partnership includes:
1. The Foundation for the Monroe County Bar
2. Empire Justice Center
3. Legal Aid Society
4. Legal Assistance of Western New York
5. Volunteer Legal Services Project

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Forms of Planned Giving:
1. Will or Trust: A gift given give after death.
2. Charitable Gift Annuity: An annuity contract that pays one or two people a fixed annual income for the rest of their lives. After death, the remainder value is a charitable gift to the Foundation.
3. Charitable Remainder Trust: A trust that pays annual income to the donor and leaves a charitable “remainder” after death.
4. Retirement Fun/IRA/Annuity: A gift of retirement account proceeds after death
5. Life Insurance Policy: A gift of a new or existing insurance policy. The charity becomes the owner and beneficiary.
6. Life Estate: A gift of a house or farm to charity with the ability to continue living there for the rest of our lives.

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Becoming a Member:
You may become a member of the Legacy Society and/or discuss a planned gift by contacting Kevin Ryan at or call 585-402-7181.

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Legacy Society Cabinet Members:

David M. Schraver, Esq., Chair        
Nixon Peabody LLP

Ed Lopez-Soto, Esq., Vice Chair
Cornell Law School

Amanda Burns, Esq.
Ward Greenberg Heller Reidy LLP

Kate Callery, Esq.
Empire Justice Center

Elaine Z. Cole, Esq.

Lauren Frank, Esq.
Rochester Area Community Foundation

Scott Forsyth, Esq.
Forsyth & Forsyth

Tina Foster, Esq.
Volunteer Legal Services Project

R. Thompson Gilman, Esq.
Woods Oviatt Gilman, LLP  

Mary Hartstein
Rochester Area Community Foundation

Bryan Hetherington, Esq.

C. Bruce Lawrence, Esq.
Boylan Code LLP

Darren Miller, Esq.
Nixon Peabody LLP
Lori O’Brien, Esq.
Legal Assistance of Western
New York, Inc. (LawNY)

Carla Palumbo, Esq.
Legal Aid Society of Rochester

David Ross, Esq.
Ross & Gould-Ross

Kevin Ryan, Esq.
Monroe County Bar Association
Foundation of the Monroe County Bar

Kathryn L. Smith, Esq.
United States Attorney's Office