An Inside View of the MCBA

Bar View offers an inside look at the MCBA, written by members of our internal team and our association.


What Do You Want Us to Be? - By Kevin Ryan
"I want to share a vision of the future of bar associations in general – and of this bar association in particular. I believe strongly that the bar association of the future will differ significantly from the bar association we know today. This is in part due to larger changes in economy and society, and in part due to generational shift." To read more, click here

Get to Know the MCBA Internal Team- By Ben Freeland

"It has been a while since our last post, and we’re excited to be bringing back the Bar View blog. Since our last installment, there have been a few changes, but we’re looking forward to the year to come. Due to the changes with our team, we thought that introducing you to our newest members and reminding you of the ones still here, would be a great place to start." To read more, click here.

Thoughts From Our Incoming Leaders - By Ben Freeland

"Hello Bar View readers! I know that it has been a while since our last post but things have been busy. There are only a few months remaining until we pass the torch and swear in our new MCBA and Foundation leadership…" click here


"While legal professionals are well familiar with the aphorism, “less is more,” with the publication of Robert L. Haig’s Fourth Edition of Commercial Litigation in New York, more is undoubtedly better." To read more, click here

Lend me a Tenor.... or a Lawyer- By Ben Freeland

"When I was a toddler, I fell in love with music and began taking piano lessons. It may be difficult to imagine me, a 6’5 guy sitting on a piano bench with my feet dangling and having a difficult time reaching the pedals, but I assure you that it happened--I was tiny at one point." To read more, click here

Great Programs at the MCBA... Such as Lawyers for Learning -- By Ben Freeland
"There are many great things happening right now at the Bar! Last night, we had our YLS New Admittee Night at the Amerks  I got the go-ahead to change up the design of the blog a bit; we’re in the midst of recruitment for our Rochester Legal Diversity Clerkship Program; and we have kicked up the Lawyers for Learning program!" To read more, click here

Welcoming Our New Admittees -- By Liz Novak Henderson
"At yesterday’s Admission Ceremony, nearly 70 new lawyers from the 7th Judicial District were admitted to the 4thDepartment. While I wasn’t able to be at the ceremony, based on past years, I can bet that excitement was all around as these bright, young diverse lawyers were officially admitted to practice law." To read more, click here

New Year's Resolutions? -- By Ben Freeland
For those of you that are reading this blog, thank you! Let’s try to keep it alive in 2016 with some positive feedback, comments and lots of witty blog entries. We are planning to have guest writers throughout the year – some staff and some volunteers. If you have suggestions, please let us know. Now, onto the topic at hand…New Year’s Resolutions. To read more, click here

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