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Grievance and Fee Dispute Resolution

Filing a Grievance

The Monroe County Bar Association is authorized to investigate minor professional performance issues, including delays in communication, between a Monroe County attorney and the client.  There are a few criteria that must be met.  The attorney must be your (the complainants) attorney; the attorney must have an office in Monroe County, New York and the representation has to have been within the last two (2) years.  

If you meet these conditions and want to file a complaint, please contact Kathy Fico at (585) 402-7184. If there is an issue regarding fees paid and/or due, please see the Fee Dispute Resolution below. 

Fee Dispute Resolution

The Monroe County Bar Association is authorized to resolve fee disputes and to investigate professional performance issues, such as communications, between a Monroe County attorney and the client. All complaints must be in writing and signed by the client.

The mission of both the Fee Arbitration Committee and the Professional Performance Committee is to resolve disputes whenever possible. For additional information, please contact Kathy Fico at (585) 402-7184.

Client Fee Dispute Arbitration Documents

For Attorneys - Notice of Clients Right to Arbitrate

In most situations, before commencement of a collection action, the attorney is required to notify a client of their right to arbitrate.  The following forms must be sent to the client:

Notice of Clients Rights to Arbitrate

A copy of the notice of client's right to arbitrate is sent to the Bar Association.  If the client does not request Fee Arbitration within 30 days, the attorney will be sent a notice that they are free to take the client to court in order to collect. 

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