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Lawyers for Learning

Lawyers for Learning is a partnership between the MCBA and School 29, a public elementary school with students K-6.  The main objective is to give students much-needed extra attention and encourage students to improve reading and writing skills.  Lawyers for Learning also raises funds to donate book bags and supplies to the school, and provides grants for field trips and learning materials.

Sydney R. Rubin Mock Trial 

The Monroe County Bar Association supports local mock trial competitions, encouraging high school students to learn about the law and its protocols and procedures.  The Sydney R. Rubin High School Mock Trial Competition sees 150 students, from 12-15 high schools in Monroe County, compete against each other in trial competitions, with volunteer teacher coaches, attorney team advisors, and judges and court personnel assisting in the tournament.  

Speakers Forums

The Monroe County Bar Center for Education regularly holds speakers forums that are open to the public, to help educatethe public on current important legal matters.  Previous speakers forum subjects include gun control, the state of the Judiciary, and income inequality.  Check back here for upcoming speakers forum subjects and dates. 

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