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Practice Made Perfect

The MCBA is here to help you succeed in managing your law practice, whether you are just starting out, looking to grow, or simply want to become more efficient at managing your existing practice. 
Real Estate Forms – View and download commonly used legal forms. 
Casemaker - The MCBA offers free electronic library and research capabilities to all members of the MCBA through Casemaker. 
Solo & Small Firm Resources – Solo and small firm attorneys have a unique set of challenges.  The section provides tips, links and more to help meet those challenges and run a successful law practice.
Career Center – View job openings submitted to the MCBA. 
Lawyer Succession Registry – Make sure you have a plan in place for your practice should you be unable to continue. 
Legal Links – Quick links to other legal resources.
Lawyer Referral Service – Get client referrals from the MCBA to help grow your practice.

Membership and Tuition Assistance - For attorneys struggling to pay for membership or CLE tuition, membership due payment plans and CLE tuition discounts are available.
Fee Arbitration - The Monroe County Bar Association is authorized to resolve fee disputes and to investigate professional performance issues, such as communications, between a Monroe County attorney and the client.

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