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Kathy Fico
Finance and Operations Manager
Kathy is responsible for oversight of all financial operations of the MCBA, MCBCFE and MCBF. She handles human resource functions and office management. Kathy is responsible for the DEAFund and Lawyer Succession Registry.  She serves as liaison to the Lawyers for Learning, Fee Arbitration and Professional Performance Committees.
Contact Kathy:
(585) 402-7184

Susan Hearn
Membership and Events Coordinator
Susan is responsible for database and directory updates, membership outreach and dues processing, and event and CLE planning and registrations. She also is the liaison for the Memorial Committee, the Awards Committee and the Elder Law Committee.
Contact Susan:
(585) 402-7183
Liz Novak Henderson
Membership and Communications Manager
Liz oversees the MCBA’s membership renewal process and communicating member benefits and events to members. She also manages member events throughout the year, such as Bench & Bar Holiday Party, Law Day and the Installation Dinner. Liz also is the liaison for the MCBA's Health & Wellness Program, Solo & Small Firm Committee and various sections.
Contact Liz:
(585) 402-7193

Danielle Matijas
Communications and Technology Coordinator
Danielle works on designing marketing and promotional materials for the MCBA. This includes CLE and event promotion, as well as graphics used across the bar's social media platforms. Danielle works with the Center of Education to facilitate our CLE programs. She is our go-to person for anything related to technology. Danielle is also is the liaison for the MCBA's Young Lawyers Section, Ethics, and Technology & Law committees.
Contact Danielle
(585) 402-7180
Debbie Ryan
Lawyer Referral Service Coordinator
Debbie is responsible for coordinating the online lawyer referral service and assits with the Foundation, Legacy Society, and other special projects. Debbie also supports the CLE programs from creating the flyer, compiling speaker resumés and summarizing evaluations.
Contact Debbie
(585) 402-7187

Kevin Ryan
Executive Director
Kevin serves as the chief executive officer of the association, overseeing all MCBA operations. He is also responsible for leading the Foundation and Center for Education.
Contact Kevin:
(585) 402-7181

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