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Foundation of the Monroe County Bar

The Foundation is the charitable arm of the MCBA, supporting programs in Rochester and Monroe County such as the DEAFund, Rochester Legal Diversity Clerkship Program, ACT For the Children, Rochester Teen Court, and many more. By donating to the Foundation, you are helping ensure the continuation of this good work, for the benefit of our community.

Click here to view Foundation Summary Report

Each year, the Foundation awards various grants to Bar-sponsored programs and not-for-profit organizations that further the mission of the Foundation.

2021 Spectacular ROC Restaurant Raffle
Purchase unlimited tickets at $20 each to win one of the Foundation’s 2021 Spectacular Restaurant Raffles. A $100 gift certificate from an area restaurant will be given away each week for 10 weeks starting on Friday, April 2. Some of the restaurants included are Good Luck, Ristorante Lucano, Monroe’s, Park Avenue Pub, and more! You can purchase your tickets from any Foundation board member, or register and pay for your tickets here. A lucky winner will be chosen every Friday on a live stream from the MCBA’s offices. 

More information on the Foundation can be found through the following links:

Make a Donation- Make a tax deductible donation to the Foundation's Raise the Bar Annual Appeal.

Donor Recognition - Please take a minute to view our list of outstanding supporters.

Jazz For Justice - Learn about the primary fundraising event of the Monroe County Bar Foundation, and how you can participate.

Grants - View the grant application and see grants issued to local groups by the Foundation in previous years.

Humanitarian Award - Recognizes individuals and organizations with outstanding service to Monroe County.

Board of Directors - View the current list of Foundation of the Monroe County Bar Board of Directors.

Telesca Center for Justice Legacy Society - A planned gift to the Telesca Center for Justice Legacy Society supports the critical work of the Telesca Center partners and future generations of lawyers while inspiring others to do the same.

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