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The Foundation is the charitable arm of the Monroe County Bar Association (the “Bar”).  Its mission and purpose is to advance and improve the administration of justice by supporting the charitable, educational, civic and humane purposes of the Bar and the legal community.  The Foundation is dedicated to ensuring access to justice for all, educating the community about our legal system and assisting members of the Bar in need.

The Foundation generally awards grants in amounts less than $5,000.00 per recipient, with awards in the last fiscal year ranging from $1,500.00 to $18,000.00.

The Foundation considers many factors in reviewing a grant request.  Some of the factors are:  (1) how well the program aligns with the mission of the Foundation, (2) whether there is an unmet need or an underserved population addressed by the program, (3) how innovative the program is in developing a solution to the need, (4) the financial stability of the requestor, (5) whether the requestor has access to other funds to leverage the Foundation's support, (6) if the Foundation previously funded the program, how successful the program was in meeting its objectives, and (7) whether the program can become self-sustaining over time.

Grant applications were due April 30, 2021.

For questions about the 2022 grant cycle, please send an email to to


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