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‘What Is Law Practice Management Consulting?’

Law practice management consulting is, essentially, business management consulting for law firms.  That may sound basic, but law practice management consulting is a highly specific genre, that contemplates the special components related to law firm management that do not attach to running other small business, including the ethics rules that lawyers must adhere to.

Why Does Your Law Firm Need Business Management Consulting?

There are at least a couple of major reasons that it’s helpful for lawyers to access business management consulting.  The first relates to their educational background.  Only recently have law schools begun to focus on teaching law students about business management -- and, even now that practice is only just beginning to gain acceptance.  That means that the vast majority of lawyers who have started law firms did so with no formal business training whatsoever.  The second reason why business management consulting is helpful to lawyers is because, even after those same attorneys are knee-deep in running their own law firms, they have precious little time to gain practical business management skills.  Oftentimes, even managing partners are head-down on substantive work, and manage their businesses by the seat of their pants.  It helps to have someone with experience and knowledge in law firm business management to talk with, in order spot and resolve issues, and to keep you on track.

What Can You Do About It?

There are business management consultants who specialize in law firm management, some of whom are lawyers themselves. Accessing a law firm business management consultant can help you to address the major business issues facing your law firm. If you’re wondering whether you’re using the most efficient technologies, a law practice management consultant can help. If you’re not sure whether you’re getting the most out of your marketing efforts, a law practice management consultant can help. If you want to know for sure whether your financials are in order, a law practice management consultant can help. If you want to grow your practice, create a lifestyle firm or wind down -- a law practice management consultant can help.

Through a unique partnership between the Monroe County Bar Association and attorney Jared Correia’s Red Cave Law Firm Consulting, Monroe County Bar members can now access DISCOUNTed rates for experienced law practice management consultants.  To get started, visit the Monroe County Bar Association intake page at Red Cave’s website, select the option that fits your needs and start running your law practice like a business. 



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