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The Young Lawyers Section is dedicated to serving the Greater Rochester community by volunteering, raising money for worthwhile causes and supporting Rochester Teen Court.

Community Service Projects/Fundraisers:

  • Rochester Teen Court – Helps more than one hundred teenagers in 2014 avoid criminal convictions for non-violent crimes and violations while helping them curb the behavior that resulted in their arrests.

Ongoing:  Entering it 17th year Rochester Teen Court is designed to divert non-violent youthful offenders from the criminal justice system, prevent them from incurring a criminal conviction, investigate the reasons behind their criminal behavior and provide them with peer-assigned rehabilitative activities to help them avoid recidivism.  Rochester Teen Court is the primary volunteer program of the YLS.  The YLS is the primary source of volunteers.  Each year YLS attorneys serve as adjudicative restorative justice mediators and train teen attorneys to conduct adjudicative justice proceedings before Rochester City Court Justices and Teen Court youth jurors and peers. 

Interested in Joining?  Find out more about Membership


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