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Letter of Support for Raising Assigned Counsel Hourly Rates

The Family & Matrimonial Law Section addresses issues of importance to members who practice in the areas of matrimonial and family law and serves as the vehicle for education of members and the general public; works with the court system regarding procedures and processes that impact the profession; reviews legislation affecting practitioners; and provides opportunities for networking and interaction among its members.

Below is a link to the Unified Court System Homepage, where you will find links to both Supreme and Family Court Forms, as well as links to other helpful resources, general information and eCourt access links.  

In addition, below are links to calculate presumptive spousal maintenance and child support:  (At the top of the page there is a link to a step by step instruction manual)

Protocols for Family Court and Supreme Court:

Surrogate Virtual Proceeding Protocols for Supreme Court 

Family Court Virtual Proceeding Protocols 


Section Bylaws


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